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Live and work comfortably. We will take care of your entire security.

A protected work and living environment

The chance that you will be affected by a burglary is considerable. Did you know that 40% of all burglaries take place in business premises? Perhaps you have already been a victim of a burglary and know firsthand how much trouble and inconvenience it causes. A frequently heard statement after a burglary is: "If only I had taken the right precautions concerning burglary protection".

As a burglar protection specialist in the Amsterdam and Utrecht region, we know how to protect you and your property. First of all, in an architectural manner. This means that we focus on securing windows and doors, facade elements, hinges and locks, shutters and rolling grilles. We can also implement electronic security measures. This includes cameras, alarm systems, access control and safes. Both types of measures can be used, together or separately, for both business premises and homes.

To determine which solution suits your situation, we will perform a safety check on your location, free of charge. Based on this safety check, we will give you tailor-made advice that suits your wishes.

Burglary protection by Van de Fliert means high-quality systems, professional installation and a highly valued service. And perhaps most importantly: you can be sure that your business premises or home meets the highest standards in the field of burglary protection.

24-hours service after a closed door or burglary
A reliable partner since 1872
Complete solutions for burglary protection
In-house engineers and specialists


With over 145 years of experience we have earned the right to call ourselves 'security specialists'. Your safety is our top priority. When it comes to your security, we are a realiable and knowledgable partner. Skills and knowledge that have been passed down generation after generation and kept up to date. So that we can make sure you have the safest living and working environment possible. You can count on that.


Complete solutions for burglary protection

24-hours service after a closed door or (attempted) burglary

A reliable partner since 1872

In-house engineers and specialists

Our security solutions for businesses and homes

Company security

Business premises contain valuable assets…perhaps more than you think. How do you secure your appliances, documents and stock at the end of the day?
Van de Fliert offers an effective security solution for every business premises, terrain or public building. So that you don’t have to worry about unwanted visitors after closing time.

Home security

Your home should be your safe haven. A burglary, or the fear of one, can take away your sense of security.

As a security specialist we help individuals take the necessary steps to keep burglars outside. Do you want to sleep safe and sound? Contact us!

How we keep intruders outside

Alarm systems

Door fittings

Camera systems

Access control

Electromechanical locks


Hinges and locks



Burglar-resistant glass

Scissor grilles


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